Complete rodent audio defense solution

Proven Rodent Exclusion

Protecting inventory and equipment using ultrasonic waves.
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    Place ecobloc anywhere
    Exterior use: ready for any weather. Place it close by known ingress points, or even places you can't find how they are getting it.
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    ecobloc plays unbearable sound intensity for rodents
    Using a proprietary Sound Algorithm, "BlocGUARD" technology ensures rodents can't get used to it, and humans can't hear a sound.
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    ecobloc always stays on
    ecobloc always stays on, and if it's not it will notify you using our app.

Tons of great features

One solution to exclude them all
Once ecobloc is placed in the right locations, it is the only solution you need to keep rodents out of your building.
Chemical free
ecobloc uses ultrasonic waves to deter rodents, and therefore has no chemicals in it.
No regular maintanance
Unlike other solutions, ecobloc is always on without replacing baits, or emptying traps.
Ecologically Friendly
ecobloc uses no chemicals and therefore is kind to the enviroment.
No Secondary Animal Poisoning
ecobloc does not use poison, so pets and wild natural predators will not be poisoned when they eat their prey.
Works with an IPM Strategy
Are you already using an IPM plan? ecobloc will further help improve your results.
The Results Speak for Themselves

99.99% effective with our clients

Featured clients:
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Picture of Adam busscher a satisfied client
"I don't know what the hell you put in them, but they work!"
Adam Busscher
Home Hardware
"I strongly recommend ecobloc to be an integral part of your integrated pest management plan as it complements and enhances the rodent control program."
Zia Siddiqi
PhD Entomology
“Ever since I installed the ecobloc units at my clients' sites I have had no evidence of rodent activity noted or reported around or within these locations.”
Bill Melville
PRIZM IPM Solutions

Helping you reach Sustainable Development Goals

EcoBloc helps clients achieve six of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals.
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Wondering how you can use ecobloc?

At no additional cost, speak with professionals who will ensure ecobloc is installed correctly and in the optimum location to get results and complement your unique pest management plan.

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Continuous Defense
Traps & Chemicals
Partial Defense
Always Protecting
Maintenance free
Positioned away from human tampering
Military-grade components
Secondary animal poisoning

So many places you can use ecobloc

Farming Equipment shed
Grain / Feed storage
Food Processing
Retail / Restaurants
Transport Trucks and Rail
Docks / Ports
Wondering about your application?
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Get notified and manage remotely

ecobloc automatically notifies you if it stops working for any reason, and let's you control it remotely
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Solve your rodent problem.

One solution to push rodents away from your inventory and equipment.
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